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If you have done any research into Handheld GPS units used for walking you will know there are many different GPS units used for walking available. Some have great features, some are smaller and simpler to use, of course it is up to you to decide which is going to be the best handheld GPS device to use.
If you don’t know about the features each handheld gps has, it might be confusing trying to choose your GPS for walking.

I want to try to help you.

I’m going to review the most popular GPS for walking devices and post my reviews at www.gpswalking.net

I hope you will enjoy the reviews and that they will help you to make the right decision in your choice of handheld gps device, I would love for you to stop by take a look and leave a comment.

GPS = Global Positioning System.

It was first though of in the 1960?s and was created by US Depart of Defence.
Originally the use of GPS (satellite radio navigation system) was concevied for Army use only, it soon got taken up by the Navy and the Airforce,the big change came in the 1980?s when was America allowed the use of GPS by the public.

The system we currently have is 24 satellites orbiting earth on 6 different trajectories. GPS for walking unit receives multiple signals and the GPS handheld for walking then calculates the position based on different satellite signals. these are based on triangulation and the difference in time signals received.( a very rough explanation but a full and in depth

review of how GPS systems work can be found at

It used to be important is to have clear line of sight between satellites and GPS for walking device to receive the signals.

But technology has changed the gps receivers have become smaller and more sensitive,so having clear line of site is not quite so important.

There have been further developments in GPS systems, other countries are not happy that the USA has the monopoly on GPS satellites and so they have developed their own systems.

GLONASS is a system developed by the Russian Federation that will be fully operational in 2012. When using GLONASS satellites, the time it takes for the receiver to “lock on” to a position is (on average) approximately 20 percent faster than using GPS. And when using both GPS and GLONASS, the receiver has the ability to lock on to 24 more satellites than using GPS alone. Many of the new Garmin Etrex Gps handheld units have both recievers built in, making their use when under a canopy of trees much better, no more searching around for an open view of the sky to try and find a satellite signal.

You can find a review of the Garmin Etrex handheld gps units here


Gps Handheld device where to start?

So where to start?, well there are those that say you don’t need a gps for walking, there are others that just rely on a handheld gps device and there are those that can see the benefits of using a traditional map and compass and using a handheld gps device when you are out walking.

I personally would not rely solely on a gps device, there are so many things that can happen to make the gps device stop working, so having the option of either a map and traditional compass and a gps unit has got to be the way forward.

Advantages of a handheld GPS for walking.

There are many different advantages when it comes to comparing GPS for walking devices vs. map and compass.

One of the biggest advantages is that it’s almost impossible to get lost, a GPS unit will always tell you where you are, will have a compass,and some will even have maps built in.

Comfort is another factor as I said take your map with you,but leave your map in your bag and concentrate on walking and enjoying the journey.

Handheld GPS units can also be time savers (no longer is there a need to stop every so often to check the map, with a GPS for walking device in your hand you just continue on walking).

In an emergency you are capable of getting information about your location within seconds, vital information if you require emergency assistance.

Most handheld GPS for walking devices are waterproof, no need to worry about taking out your handheld GPS device in the rain.

  • Important features to look for when choosing GPS for walking

  • High quality receiver – it is really important to find signal even under the trees
  • Durability – again, really important, make sure your GPS for walking device is waterproof and
  • resistant against any impacts
  • Long lasting battery life – this is really important when it comes to walking, a handheld GPS for walking device will be with a flat battery (always carry spare battery’s )
  • Memory capacity – the bigger, the better. Look for a device that can take an SD Card.
  • Stored maps and data take a lot of memory.
  • Maps – make sure your Handheld GPS device can download Maps, Handheld Gps devices are available that only show your coordinates, but a map is much better to visualize where you are.
  • Screens – a screen that you can read it under all circumstances (rain, sun, fog…) and large enough for you to be able to read the map.
  • Size and Dimensions – it would be perfect if it could fit in your jacket (or trouser) pocket and be in within easy reach when needed, there are purpose made cases available for carrying on your belt or for attaching to a lanyard and wearing around you neck, there are some gps devices that are made for wearing on your wrist..

These are some of the important features to look for when you’re choosing a GPS for walking.

Find more reviews at www.gpswalking.net

Author Ian Levings



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  1. Jeffrey Earnest says:

    Thanks for sharing that with us, Ian.

    I admit I’ve avoided having many new electronic gadgets such as GPS. However, after reading your article I realized a GPS would be great for me if I can use one in Acapulco while riding my bike. I get lost a lot and a GPS might end that problem.

    Keep up the good posting and I hope you have a G..R..E..A..T Day!!! ;-)

  2. Francis Tan says:

    I think it’s a very useful gadget for a lot of people out there in U K to move around quickly. However, Is it useful for Singapore use because it’s such a small country?

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